Business & Finance Consulting

Target offers business & finance consulting services supporting decision making processes and fine tuning of the general business activity and operation having the client involved at all phases of the project. 

When a business owner or a manager needs to make a decision, usually, time is not on his side, his team is overloaded with workload and tasks, facing pressure from shareholders, board or business partners to meet deadlines, in many cases the decision maker finds himself in a situation where he is required to take a decision, on his own. often under uncertainty where is main objective is to reduce the risk or quantify it as accurately as possible.

No Room for mistakes

Target shall accompany the decision maker in his critical decision crossroads, brainstorm, study and investigate the business environment and realities and recommend the preferred avenue to pursue using fact based conclusions to support its arguments, based on its vast experience assisting organizations in similar scenario’s.


All in order to make the firm operate in the highest efficiency and lowest risk possible, elements which are integral part of any important business decision managers must make in their everyday operation.

מימון לעסקים קטנים

We make sure you do not byte what you can swallow

Experience and knowledge will insure that your business decisions in any aspect of the business, be it business strategy, marketing strategy, finance strategy or logistics strategy … any such decision shall be analyzed, in order to make sure that the decision is the ultimate decision for your specific business under your specific business realities in terms of your ecosystem and the evolutionary phase of your company.

Our client success is our success

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