Business Plan

In order to write an effective business plan, one needs to understand the end purpose of the document. Be it raising capital from investors or Financial institutions, using the business plan as an internal strategic road map to meet the business goals with a clear strategy and tactics with a defined time line, refreshing one’s organization updating it with current trends so that it does not find itself “out of the game” selling the wrong products to customers who are shifting to other desired products and services, providing a business plan to a regulator for licensing purposes,   or using it in order to provide a potential business partner with an overall overview of the business – there are many reasons for business plans, what is yours?

The business plan is the methodological basis for starting a business, managing it and/or assessing it by potential partners or investors.

תכנית עסקית

A business without a business plan is a business without a story to tell (other than the story told by analyzing its Financial reports but this is a story that serves other purposes). A proper business plan enables the business owners to manage the business strategically and measure its performance on a timeline and monitor its operations by setting milestones  – all those enable adjusting the business on time avoiding the business from “heading south”… i.e identifying problems when its already too late.

The business plan contains the business definition, its strategy, marketing chapter reviewing the market where it operates, new markets and segments it might pursue, value proposition per segment, product overview and attributes, if it is a technology company than of course a chapter of the technology, R&D plan, sales plan and go to market plan, Financial chapter analyzing costs and revenues, budgets, breakeven point and ROI etc.

“One size DOES NOT fit all”

A business plan must be tailored to the size of the executing managers, the entrepreneurs pitching it to stakeholders and it must be accurate and convincing, otherwise, it is just another document … and the art of creating a tailor made business plan is a mix of managerial experience and professional tools and the ability to understand what is the right business plan for the right person to achieve a defined goal for his business or project or venture.

Over the years hundreds of business plans in Hebrew and English have been created to serve many purposes, we invite you to share your vision with us, define your business goals and objectives with us and trust us to provide you with an effective business plan. A business plan you can do something with.

On top of business plans we also create corporate valuations and investors presentations.

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