Corporate Valuations

“When you evaluate a company you need to ask yourself 2 questions: what is the reason for the valuation? Who is the valuation for?”

Aswat Damodaran

Valuation of a company is an important tool for an accurate estimate to the value of a corporation as an asset for the purpose of selling or buying and for decision making in a case of shareholders, owners or creditors dispute.

A dispute could be in a case of two partners who wish to split their holdings and separate and can not agree of the corporate value, in such a scenario an external professional assessment and analysis resulting with a “number” could save a lot of aggravations for both parties, especially if the “end of the escalation” means going to court.

The corporate valuation analyses several elements and from several perspectives in order to obtain an accurate assessment of the corporate asset, some of those are:

  • Sector Overview
  • Makro Market Overview (Competitors, SWOT)
  • Financial Reports Analysis (Balance Sheet, P&L, C/F)
  • Company, Management, BoD, Sharholders
  • Clients & Vendors

The analysis of the company’s financial reports for the purpose of the valuation itself reveals critical and strategic information to streak holders, the financial ratio’s indicate the company’s liquidity, operational management and efficiency, financial stability and equity structure, profitability etc.

The valuation process, therefore, reflects a process of strategic, financial, legal, operational and strategic analysis looking at the corporation and its internal and external relationships in a past, present and future perspectives to infinity where the value shall be determined in a single or multiple corporate valuation methodologies, all depends of the specific scenario and need. 

We are more than happy to provide top notch corporate valuations for private and public corporations in Israel and abroad.

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