How to engage with Target

Target has many years of experience assisting businesses worldwide.

Target works directly with the business owners, board or CEO of the company.

For every projects Target assembles a team of professionals with relevant experience to meet the project Goals & Objectives.

  • Economists specializing on Business Credit and Financing
  • Accountants specializing in Financial Reporting & Taxation
  • Lawyers specializing in corporate law, commercial law, IP
  • Business & Finance Analysts specializing in Corporate Valuations & Business Plans
  • Logistics specializing in production planning and analysis

All of our business professionals have a minimum of 10 year experience so you know that your business is taken care of by professionals who have successfully met challenges similar or identical to yours many times before.   

Our engagement models are:

  • “Per hour Consulting”
  • Bank of hours
  • Ongoing retainer (a mix of fixed payment and commission)
  • Fixed Project Fee (for one-time products such as business plans, corporate valuations, annual work plans, marketing plans)
  • Fixed fee plus success fee (mainly for credit and finance related services)
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